Cloth wipes are the simplest way to wipe when using cloth diapers.  Just moisten as needed or store moist in a wipes warmer, wipe, and toss in the diaper pail!  

Many customers have asked how we manage our own cloth wipes system.  At home we store our wipes in a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer and keep them moistened with distilled water. We store the gallon of distilled water right by the changing table for easy access when we refill the warmer with fresh wipes.  If we ever feel a need for extra freshness, we use a quick spray of bumGenius bottom cleaner, then follow with one of our wipes from the warmer.  We don't use special bottom cleaner or solution for every wipe, though.  We have a total of about 3 sets of wipes in our stash, which is plenty for us.

On the go?  Just keep a stash of dry wipes and bumGenius bottom cleaner
in your diaper bag.  Mist baby's bottom, wipe clean, and toss it all in your wet bag.

Stock up on comfy cloth wipes and thank yourself later!

Wondering how many diapers you'll need, how much you'll save using cloth diapers versus disposables and what to do when traveling with cloth diapers?  Visit our FAQ page for answers!


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