Training Pants

Toddler in EcoPosh Training PantsReusable, cloth training pants are the perfect solution for families looking to assist their toddler in potty learning.

Early potty learners usually still wear a waterproof diaper for naps and overnight, alternating with training pants during the day.  More advanced potty learners may wear regular underwear at home, but need added protection of training pants when out and about.  For daytime toilet training, EcoPoshTraining Pants are a great option.

Eco•Posh  Training Pants (pictured at left) are made from recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton. Trim fitting and easy for toddlers to pull up! The training pants have 2 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton in the core along with a hidden panel of biodegradable TPU, which is waterproof and allows for daytime accidents without a big upset. 

Bamboo and cotton fibers allow your child to feel moisture when wet, which can assist in potty learning.  Heavy wetting accidents may result in moist clothing, but this also assists in potty learning, as the child learns that he or she cannot rely on training pants for use as diapers.